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Michelle Srdanovic

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Clinical Supervision and Consultation

My Philosophy

Like a counselling relationship, I believe the foundation of effective clinical supervision or consultation is dependent upon our capacity to develop a trusting and safe relationship. Despite the normalized expectation that all Therapists will and should seek supervision, I recognize there is vulnerability in asking for guidance or discussing our own struggles with the work. As such, I am consistently honoured to be consulted by colleagues in this role and hold the philosophy of collaborative practice in supervision. I view my role to be primarily supportive, curious, and non-judgmental. This does not mean, however, that I am limited to being an empathic listener. I will present ideas, offer suggestions, help you examine the implications of various approaches and assist in deepening your understanding of your client relationships. You remain the expert on your clients, and it would be unethical for me to direct you to take a specific action given I do not have a relationship with them.

My Approach and Training

I rely on Stotenberg’s integrated developmental model to guide my specific approach to supervision, which highlights that all individuals are in a place of ongoing growth and learning. Beginning counsellors may have needs for more general and direct feedback and support, while others with clinical or work experience may identify more process-oriented supervision needs, or the desire to explore their growing edge around a specific modality or skill. My approach to supporting counsellors, agencies and schools is also informed by my specific area of graduate research and current teaching on the topics of burnout, vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress. I have completed the course Innovative Practices in Clinical Supervision at the Justice Institute of BC, and for ten years I provided evaluative clinical supervision to counselling psychology graduate students from the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Adler University, City University and Trinity Western University. I continue to provide supervision to Counsellors working in both private practice and community agencies, as well consult with Teachers, Administrators and School Counsellors around clinical related issues that arise in children and youth educational settings.

What are you looking for?


The frequency of supervision is entirely guided by you, whether this is a one-off session or an ongoing relationship. At the start of each session, I will inquire about your specific goals or purpose for the supervision to ensure the time is useful for your practice. Given your specific needs, we may engage in any of the following:

  • audio, video or clinical note review
  • role playing client/therapist
  • processing themes over several client sessions
  • understanding your experience of transference
  • linking theory with practice or specific case planning
  • discussing resources available in the community

Supervision is not the same as personal counselling. While your own experiences certainly impact your clinical experiences, our work will focus on this impact in the context of your role as a Therapist.


I am able to offer periodic consultation with your agency or school team, such as attending school-based meetings to offer clinical support around a particular mental health related concern with a student. I can also provide regular, contracted support or clinical supervision for staff in various agency or school programs. I have experience in working with:

  • Stopping the Violence Counselling Programs
  • PEACE Programs (formerly Children Who Witness Abuse)
  • Family/Child Counselling Programs
  • Community-based Victim Service Programs
  • School Counsellors
  • Administrative or Leadership teams in schools and agencies

In order for this external support or clinical supervision to be effective, I do not adopt an evaluative role. Decisions around caseload size or the quality of clinical or support work is made by the agency or school system.

How do we get started?

Contact Michelle
  1. For counsellors in private practice, I can connect by phone or online for a 15-minute consultation to determine a fit. If you wish to proceed, I will send you a supervision contract and intake form to complete to better understand your goals, approach, and supervision needs. You can schedule sessions accordingly.
  2. For agencies and schools, please contact me directly to discuss your specific supervision or consultation needs.

Fees for Supervision or Consultation

$150.00 including GST : 50 minute clinical supervision

$175.00 including GST : 60 minute clinical supervision

Contracted agency supervision fees can vary. Please contact Michelle directly to discuss.