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Michelle Srdanovic, M.A., R.C.C.

Adult, Child, and Relationship Therapy

A relationship is a mosaic you build with your partner – millions of tiny moments that create your story. Jennifer Smith

Relationship Therapy

Indeed, all relationships have problems. Clients tend to seek counselling when these problems seem to have hijacked any sense of connection in the relationship. Yet the way we talk about these problems can destroy the relationship rather than the problems per se. Michelle can help clients make sense of the destructive pattern of communication in their relationship so that they can begin to hear their partner as well as feel heard.

She relies on principles from Narrative, Emotion-Focused and Gottman therapies when working with clients seeking support for problems in their relationship. Michelle is able to address the following issues in relationship counselling:

  • Reparation after an infidelity
  • Problems in communication
  • Differences in parenting
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Separation and/or divorce
  • Sexual and emotional intimacy concerns

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